Imagine you’re at the Fox Theatre for a concert performance, you sit down and you’re waiting for it to start. As you’re waiting, the lights dim and smoke fills the air. The curtains separate and you simultaneously hear and see an angel singing about her heart ache and how far she’s come. What you’re actually hearing and seeing is singer/songwriter Alexandria from Awful Records. The songstress has a general sound of a 90’s R&B singer but applies her own feel to make it special in today’s music scene. Her most recent project Cut of Cloth was released January 4th.

Her second album is produced by Awful Records member Ethereal and features Lord Narf and Archibald SLIM. Throughout the album she talks of claiming her new life and growing more as an independent person. In her past she was faced with an abusive relationship and was left feeling less than her normal self. The track “Glow,” perfectly expresses this. The first few lines reads, “I just wish you really could get to know me for me/ You’ll get your money back but the satisfaction is guaranteed/ All this love that I’ve got/ If would only take the time to see this diamond in your face.” In a new found sense of womanhood Alexandria will no longer let a man run over her.

Alexandria and Ethereal

On the songs “You Ain’t Gotta Lie,” and “Problem,” she breaks it down that she’s done listening to lies and what you think her problem is. Alexandria reminisces about a time of being told stories just to keep her going. That quickly breaks down if you can’t remember all of the lies. At this point most people can spot a liar when they see one so what’s the point anymore?  In her verse on “Problem,” Lord Narf takes shots at everyone that has some problems of their own including stressing about your significant other and not being about your money. Basically worry about yourself before you worry about her.

Her single, “Time Will Tell,” Alexandria isn’t exactly sure what will happen if she commits all her love one person but she’s willing to give it a chance. Her seductive voice floats over the smooth snyths as she confesses that she wants give all of her love.

Overall the Ethereal produced album receives a 7.5/10. Listen to it below and be on the lookout for music from Alexandria in 2017.

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