Dirtbag rap is alive and well. In a couple years Divine Council (Lord Linco, $ilkMoney, Cyrax! and IcyTwat) have released 2 projects, played at SXSW, signed a deal with Epic Records, and received a co-sign from Erykah Badu and Andre 3000. Before their first project Council World, I knew of them all as separate artists who worked with each other a lot. I never figured their friendship was an official partnership. The chemistry between the three Virginia- based rappers, Lord Linco, $ilkmoney, & Cryax!, and the Chicago-based producer IcyTwat is mythical, especially since IcyTwat was a late edition. But obviously he was the last missing piece to the group’s success.

(Left to Right) Lord Linco, IcyTwat, $ilkmoney and Cyrax! at the Spotify office

Divine Council’s second project DB$B released earlier this year and serves as a second compilation to get people acquainted with the DirtBags. Before DB$B was a song and mixtape it served and still serves as a motto and alternate name for the group. It stands for Do Better Stop Bitchin and also DirtBag Shawty Boys. I’m not comparing but the group is A$AP Mob reminiscent in the since of the chemistry and collaboration efforts and how they live by something more than just the drugs, money, and women. “DB$B,” the song, contains their motto and their outlook on life itself. Verse 2 by Cyrax! is a perfect example. “Got guap on the way/ Lil shawty talk, she all play/ Designer my waist/ .40 spray shots in your face/ Your bitch ain’t my taste/ You niggas plot, you too fake/ Aye my old bitch got replaced/ Just want that top and my space, okay.” This has been Council from the beginning. Throughout the song $ilk and Cyrax! flex their muscles to let you know there’s no bull when it comes to them. Talk out of turn then the DirtBags will handle you accordingly.

Now you might be wondering what “dirtbag rap” is, I think of it as rap that is controversial and destructive in nature. It can be destructive towards others in the since that the rapper is selfish and doesn’t consider or care how their actions affect others or even themselves. Others I place in this category of hip-hop include Robb Bank$, Da$h, Lucki, Retch, and Danny Brown. Divine Council has fully embraced this concept by labeling themselves as dirtbags. The second song on DB$B is titled “Dirtbags in Distress.” The chorus reads. “I spent my whole damn advance on some fucking weed/ Bought me some things I don’t need don’t tell L.A. Reid/ Had to get that Louis mama don’t this shit look clean?/ Cashed out till I’m assed out fuck my priorities.” Here $ilkmoney isn’t concerned about anything else besides smoking; the rest of the group feels the same although they’ve spent all the advance money Epic has given them for their album.

Although the mixtape is heavy with music from $ilk, Cyrax! and IcyTwat, Lord Linco makes his presence known with “Love4Me,” a modern day love story. A relationship that seems to be based on sex turns out as real love. Since he’s on the road consistently with DB$B, he wants his woman to know that she’s the only one for him and she should never lose the love she has for him. He sings the chorus melodically, “Every night the Moon’s lit you fall in love with me/ Meet me by the pulpit baby, put trust in me/ I know you got a lot to prove, would you do a dub for me?/ If you’re snoozing, you’re losing, don’t lose your love for me.”

Divine Council’s DB$B mixtape is a fun listen because even tho it’s  a compilation of new and old songs, everything sounds like they just recorded it. $ilkmoney and Cyrax! mastered their back and forth flows, IcyTwat continues to serve psychedelic production and Lord Linco brings the love so their dirtbag ways don’t land them all in hell. The project earns a solid 8 from Freelancer Magazine but go listen and judge for yourself. It’s available on HotNewHipHop. Also check out IcyTwat’s long awaited project MILK available on his SoundCloud.

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