The 14-year-old rap prodigy from Atlanta has been making waves on the music scene since early 2016. Most people are surprised at his age but considering where he’s from I’m not surprised at all. The city is filled with young artists such as Kaine. He’s already signed with III Records and has released 2 projects, Candy Kaine and Hoes + Money Makes Me Happy. Even though he’s 14 he’s already living the fast life rapping about his earlier days in the trap, all the money he’s getting, and all the girls on his line. “Every day’s a move, life’s a vacation/ I’m a hot boy but I ain’t talkin Satan.” He’s amassed a following in Atlanta on SoundCloud with almost 27,000 followers.

On February 1st he brought us Friends Till The End. No features but production includes Idkcletus, Lord Casso, JimmNasty, Digital Dirty, Pvps, Sunshyne, 7K Beats and himself. He drops off 11 tracks filled with flexing. His first track “Gatecode” really sets the tone and tells you what he’s all about. The first few lines read, “I been flexin from the start, I got flexin in my heart/ I don’t do this shit for nothing, I can’t let my niggas starve/ For my niggas I go hard, this pain and shit be leavin scars.” From the start you can’t confuse what his mission is and you can’t lump him in with artists who do this for fun or fame.

His music separates himself from other new artists in Atlanta’s competitive and diverse rap scene. He’s all about hard work and coming up out of the mud. He stays true to himself in the booth and stays true to his music outside of the booth. On “Moves” he states, “Anything I say just know it is the damn truth/ I don’t lie when I come inside the damn booth/ If I do then I’ll hop out this damn booth.” Not saying names but several artists have been accused of not living out their rhymes. This reassures listeners that, despite his age, Kaine are not a fake such as the ones he raps about.

Young Duwap is hungry to climb to the top and he’s quickly on his way. Friends Till The End receives a 8/10 because of the Kaine’s realness. February 17th he will be dropping a new project so stay ahead of the curve and make sure you check it out. He’s truly 14 with the mind of a 30-year-old.

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