Nearly a month ago Canadian pop songstress Ebhoni released her debut EP Mood Ring. Over the past year the high school senior has had a flowing steam of releases which are featured on the EP. “What You Want,” “Killing Roses,” and “Time” were all previously released but fit perfectly with the project. Mood Ring ( largely produced by SOS, with additional production from Xeralain and Croisade) details the complexity of modern relationships. It’s a story from the perspective of a young girl who is having trouble with her relationship. She’s certain that she wants the relationship and even wants to make it work. Her partner on the other hand is just running game.

The first verse of “What You Want,” begins with, “You been going out every weekend/ Run it here, run it there/ All my girls see you everywhere/ Oh yeah, you been hanging out with this one now.” Being caught multiple times she’s grown accustom to the lies and deceit. Throughout the project she’s growing as a person and learning what’s best for her. Ebhoni captures this perfectly in the song “Refocus.” “Under your love spell for so long/ Forgotten who I am or where I belong/ Time to move on, girl you start over/ Focusing on me, no need for the cold shoulder.” She seems to be coming into some solid realizations but is too in love to let go of him. I guess it’s true that the heart wants what the heart wants.

Modern relationships are sometimes one sided and most are rather referred to as “situationships” which entails of 2 people who behave as though they are together but are not truly committed to one another. In the music the girl seems to be caught in a one sided relationship that she’s not ready to give up on, and there’s initially nothing wrong with that. You’re supposed to fight for the one you love if you believe something is, was, or could be there.

Ebhoni definitely has a solid career ahead of her, if she chooses. Her debut receives an 8/10; although she is youthful, she sings with experience. Her lyrics are touching, highly relatable, and comes from the heart. Mood Ring is available on SoundCloud so take a listen.

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