Come one, come all! Come see the main attraction at Jurassic Park A.K.A. Clayton County, Georgia. If you’ve ever been on the Southside of Metro-Atlanta then you can see how it earned its’ nickname. Having lived there when I was younger I can tell you that the house I lived in during that time is now overrun with drug dealers. With that being said, Everything Gwaluh definitely brings that cut throat vibe you feel while riding around Clay Co. He’s very different from other new artists in Metro-Atlanta but Clay Co is different than the rest.

In 2016, he released two solo EPs (Everything Gwaluh and Gatman & Robbin) and a joint EP with Southside Smoke (Southside Siegfried & Roy: Masters of the Impossible). All very short projects but they all blow you in the chest like the pistol he totes. Production seems to come from everywhere including: Deko, OG Parker, Dolan Beats, Fleacoo, and SenseiATL to name a few. On his most recent project, Gatman and Robbin, he links up with Northside’s SenseiATL for five of the six tracks. The duo put a production spin on Gwaluh’s sound and it’s honestly perfect. The tracklist reads: “Ain’t Goin,” “PSA,” “Lil Story,” “Robbery,” “West End,” and “Down Bad.” If you’re from the metro area then you can already guess what the last three songs are gonna sound like.

The first song “Ain’t Goin” really sets the tone. The first couple bars read “Pull up wit my strap and showin (What’s brackin?)/ Everything Gwaluh ain’t goin (What’s brackin?)/ Try to rob me lil nigga boy you stupid/ I pull up and I might just dump at your crew.” He’s getting right to it and letting you know what he’s about and the second song “PSA” definitely follows through.  “Shoot yo ass twice in the chest/ then walk up on you and put one in yo head, you dead.” This isn’t an announcement I’d want to hear but when you live the life Gwaluh lives certain things have to be said and done in Clayton County.

New age gansta/trap rappers have been under heavy scrutiny that all of them might not rap the truth in their songs, for a while people didn’t believe 21 Savage. Knowing the city and the south side in particular my early prediction is that Gwaluh and his gang is street certified.  The fourth song “Robbery” is an up tempo hit but is definitely still street and helps me to my conclusion. He’s literally just gonna take everything from you so just don’t go to that side.

On the last and bonus song “Down Bad,” Gwaluh, Larry League, and Slimesito take a crack at the Zaytoven beat “Fresh” off of the 1017 vs the World tape. Larry League does there work as per usual with LoudPack Larry leading the charge. Gwaluh stays consistent and true to himself throughout the EP and delivers heat on several tracks and for that he receives a 9/10. Take a listen below and judge for yourself.

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