Bastille really topped the charts after they released their first studio album, Bad Blood, in March of 2013. Having signed with Virgin Records, the indie-pop band released songs like the radio-hit “Pompeii” and other gems like “Flaws” and “Things We Lost In The Fire” from their first album. Although Bastille has released a few songs here and there, and even an album of collaborations with other artists in 2014 since then, the band has been fairly quiet for the most part. After a hit like “Pompeii,” listeners are anticipating something of equal or greater accomplishment. Of course, with the promise of a new album, Wild World set to be released on Sept. 9, the wait is almost over.

Bastille released their hit single, “Good Grief” on June 16 of this year. However, “Good Grief” definitely has a different feel than the majority of content from their first album, Bad Blood. Admittedly, there are commonalities between this new single and their older content, mainly Dan Smith’s signature timbre, however, “Good Grief” gives off the feel of more experimentation as it branches out from the usual Bastille sound. The music video for the single “Good Grief” was released on June 22, and is, in my opinion, weirder than anything they have released before. Now, that isn’t to say that “weird” is a bad thing. The music video for “Good Grief” is weird in a very fresh and curious sort of way. It is also executed with intriguing cinematic elements such as ‘80s inspired colors, roller-skates, and bank heists. Although some of the music video’s content felt as if it sat on the verge unsettling, it all seemed purposeful and bizarre in a successful way.  

Stranger still, the new hit single by Bastille starts off with a quote from 1984’s Weird Science; “What would you little maniacs like to do first?,” yet the song is still musically deft and catchy. As Dan Smith lyrically mourns a past love in his trademark indie voice, with an eccentric baseline and airy xylophone, “Good Grief” is just weird enough to work. Overall, Bastille’s lead single allows for much excitement and anticipation for their new album Wild World set to be released on Sept. 9.

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