In Atlanta, Georgia, there is so much brooding talent that, at times, it can be too much to get through it all. Luckily, artists from around the city will collaborate to help a newcomer get their feet wet and potentially gain a following of their own. In this case, it was two Atlanta underground staples coming together to show who has done it first.

On January 5th, Key! and Reese LAFLARE, frequent collaborators and friends, released their collaborative extended play, Been Had Boyz. On the six song project, Key! and his former Two-9 cohort put the unteachable camaraderie that comes from constantly working together on full display throughout the six tracks. The first track, “Been Had” starts the project off with undeniable bravado and style when Key! and Reese go back and forth about what they have already done that rappers gloat about now. Produced by Franchise, the dark bass-heavy beat starts the project off right. The second track, “Money Phone” could be the ultimate paper chasing anthem. Featuring Offset from Migos, the trio brags and boasts about the money they came into contact with, and how if there isn’t money involved, they won’t even answer the phone for you. The bass-heavy and infectious production is courtesy of KC da Beat Monster and Bobby Kritical. The third track, “1Up” is a statement that the duo is doing better than you ever could. Franchise returns on the project to provide the bass-heavy and synth-driven beat for the duo to stunt on their haters with ease. The fourth track “Love Lost”, is where the duo celebrates that the emotional trap they were in is gone. Slade da Monsta provides the bass-heavy production that confuses the listener because the song goes way different than what was expected. The fifth track, “Bankroll” is the only challenge to “Money Phone” for the aforementioned title. Madeintyo’s go-to producer K Swisha deviates from his norm with a dark, haunting beat for the duo to tell how much they work for the money and finer things in life. The final track, “Mike-N-Ike” is the track where the duo just vibe and ride on the beat with ease, and say they are iconic as the pair responsible for the fruit flavored candy. K Swisha returns and provides a beat that is more reminiscent to the type of production he does with Madeintyo. In my opinion, this project clearly highlights how well Key! and Reese work and create as a team rather than as two solo artists

What did you think of the project? Did you like seeing Key! and Reese collaborating more? If you have not heard the project, listen and leave your comments below.  Also, go get Two-9’s debut album, FRVR, on February 9th.


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