In 2016, 18 year old rapper/singer Kodie Shane made big waves. Stemming from The Sailing Team, spear headed by Lil Yachty, Shane burst on the music scene releasing 3 projects and signing a deal with Epic Records. She starts off 2017 by releasing her newest project Big Trouble Little Jupiter.  The 10 track tape features production from Matty P, D.Clax, Childish Major and Culture and guest verses from Saucy Longwe and En Vogue. Throughout the tape Shane explores her rockstar lifestyle, losing love, and being a player.

The GoodPerry, Lil Yachty, & Kodie Shane

Her songwriting is like no other young artist out right now. As described by herself she’s definitely ahead of her time. On the song “Be With Or Without,” Shane questions if the one she’s with should be there with her in first place. She sings, “Should you even be with me?/ Baby do they know you’re here, should you be with me?/ Know you got places to go, should you be with me?/ I know that nobody can know you were here with me/ You were here with me.” Obviously here we find a player moment from Shane. She knows the relationship is no good for either involved but neither can resist. She’s familiar with her partner and can see through the lies but Kodie still answers the door when they knock.

“Your Side” featuring En Vogue and Saucy Longwe brings out ultimate 90s vibes with a twist of 2060. Shane and Longwe express their desires to see their partners and even take the initiative to go to them. In the first verse, Longwe reflects on what he once had because “now you barely wanna talk to the kid.” Shane is very willing to drop what she’s doing to rush to her partner’s side of the city but doesn’t know why they never switch roles. Even with those circumstances they remain loyal and continue to offer to pull up.

This was a surprisingly enjoyable project for me. After only hearing her verse on Lil Yachty’s “All In” I was completely unaware of the R&B side of Shane. Big Trouble Little Jupiter receives a solid 7.5/10 from Freelancer. For the rest of 2017, Kodie Shane is determined to put her stamp on music for the youth. Be on the lookout for an album and a tour.

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