Flexing will never die in hip-hop; K$upreme, Lil Yachty and the rest of the Sailing Team will make sure of that. Earlier this month K$upreme released his debut mixtape Flex Muzik. In the past he’s done a lot of work with Lil Yachty, but like other members of the team, he’s now getting his own sound off the ground. The tape features Lil Yachty, Chief Keef, Rich The Kid, Kodie Shane and Duwap Kaine. If you’ve listened to any of these artists before then you know that they’re perfect for the tape. All big flexers, they bring the fire power in their verses. With 11 tracks the tape runs just over 25 minutes and features production from K$upreme himself, TrapMoneyMelo, Bangs, Rob $urreal, Dj Flippp, 12million, Isobeats, and Pierre Bourne.

The first track on Flex Muzik is appropriately titled “Bout That Money.” The intro reads, “If it’s about that money come on lets get it/ Glock with a beam, my shooter came with it/ Start off with a small one and watch how I flip it/ Stack all the way down and I ran up my digits.” There are no games when real flexers are around. Hundreds, Beamer coupes, and brand new shoes are flexing essentials, especially in Atlanta. The money flex continues on “Fell In Love Wit The Money” featuring Lil Yachty. K Preme drops one his best flex verses on the tape. He ends it with, “Yeah, I fell in love with that Louie/ I don’t love you bitches, I just love the coochie/ Yeah, I fell in love with my uzi/ Yeah, all of my bitches be boujee/ Aye, treat your main bitch like a groupie/ Me and that bitch made a movie/ Hop in the Beam and zoom like I’m Boosie/ Try me and my gang and my shooters go looney.” He and Yachty will definitely be the biggest flexers in hip-hop if they keep up the work.

Another kind of flexer is addressed on Flex Muzik. In the song “That Guy” featuring Duwap Kaine, Kaine addresses Instagram flexers in his verse. He says, “Niggas flexin’ for the gram I don’t know why/ And you know me baby I will never lie.” It’s most literally an epidemic of people portraying alternate lives through social media. Instagram can be very misleading because of the weight that pictures have now-a-days. With a series of pictures you can lead someone to believe anything. Because of Kaine’s age, 14, he’s had a lot of doubt surround him. In the review of his mixtape I pointed out where he addresses the rumors but when you’re 14 it can be hard to persuade someone older than you. People see the young kids in Chicago (12, 13, 14) and believe that they are novelties in America. Kids in major urban cities like Chicago, Atlanta and New York have been “jumping off the porch” or leaving their homes and turning to the streets for decades.

Overall Flex Muzik is a moderatley decent listen and receives a 7/10. K$upreme still has some work to do when it comes to production and his flow but has a lot of room for musical growth. Listen on SoundCloud and judge for yourself.

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