Lil Tracy is on a quick rise to fame and has gathered a strong following. In a year he’s pulled in over 33,000 SoundCloud followers and millions of total plays. His solo project Tracy’s Manga was released at the beginning of February. While it doesn’t feature his right hand and GothBoiClique member Lil Peep, it does feature production from MoneyPosse, DP Beats, Captain Crunch, BigHead, CashMoney AP and 12 Million. On the 9 track project guest verses come from Famous Dex, UnoTheActivist, and another GothBoiClique member Horse Head.

Tracy’s Manga Cover

Upon first glance at the mixtape cover I was skeptical about what I was going to listen to. The first track “Don’t Fit” was very reassuring though. Before you listen to his music you have to get rid of all pre-conceived notions and bias and just hear him. The first few lines read, “I got some cash in my jeans, it don’t fit/ She got some ass in her jeans, it don’t fit/ I keep my circle tight, we can’t fit no new friends.” Tracy is a big flexer and won’t let you forget it. He keeps his money, women and friends close to him.

His song “RackAid” is a hit and my personal favorite. It’s very simple, they just want RackAid. It features a hook and verse from UnoTheActivist and of course he does his thing. On his verse Tracy gives listeners a quick look at where he’s been, where he is right now, and where he’s going. “Used to dip from the cop car/ Now I’m living like a rockstar.” Sooner than later you could see Tracy on TV or even modeling. As of now, he’s hitting clubs, sold out shows, and a studio. His new lifestyle opens up doors that are invisible to most.

If you have that vision then you see Tracy opening up all those doors pretty soon. If not then listen to the rest of his music and check out his joint project with Lil Peep Castles II. This tape receives a solid 8/10 because of production and the overall feel of the tape. Keep your ears open for Lil Tracy and the rest of GothBoiClique.


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