The Xan King of the Underworld has returned. On May 5th The Wock Star AKA Bossy Simpson BKA Lucki released the highly anticipated Watch My Back, his 4th mixtape. He’s been keeping his fans on edge for 9 months after he released Freewave 2. Since then he’s dropped quite a few songs including: “No Wok,” “Options,” “Sunset,” & “Special” featuring Chicago stunna boy Warhol.SS. During that time, he’s also done work with Bray Costello, Detas, and Atlanta rapper Levi Carter. The tape however has no features or uncredited vocals.

Chief Keef & Lucki

Watch My Back, although 18 songs, is only a 38 minute listen. The average song length on the tape works out to be around 2:10 with the longest song being “Are U Wit Me” at 3:08 and the shortest being “No Wok” at 1:10. This is pretty reminiscent to 2013 Chief Keef. On the mixtapes Bang 2 and Almight So Keef’s projects were lengthy with tracks but short on time. With both artists they only have one verse on most of the songs. Keef admitted during that time he was abusing lean heavily, among other things. Xannax and lean are big part of Lucki’s music as well as his lifestyle. Dropping out of high school at 16, trouble and drugs raised him.

The production is very familiar to Lucki being from Grim Doza, F1LTHY, Plu2o Nash, Gnealz, Forza, 6 below, and others.  With the drowsy, fairytale flow of his verses, intros and outros, production directs the ear of the listener to the darkness of his rhymes. On the 2nd song “Are U Wit Me,” Lucki states, “I don’t see the damage of free drugs/ Only see my stats once the team win/ Think I shoulda died thank you Jesus/ I know why I’m high with my demons.” Here Lucki is self-aware and also confused about a couple things society finds normal. My interpretation is his drug habit causes him to believe that free drugs don’t do damage, because his drug variety is wide he’s just getting high on someone else’s dime and could give a damn about them being laced.

Lucki has close to no fears. On “Poker Face,” very short but powerfully and melodically xanned up, Lucki puts his trust in Wockhardt syrup. “You don’t know/ I won’t show/ She lean but nothin slow/ Trust in Workhardt/ Perky Clockheart/ I feel like a Wock Star/ I don’t fear a thing but a smart dot/ Make a measure bottle mascot.” In the movie Jack and the Cuckoo-Clock Heart, Jack was born with a frozen heart and to save his life the midwife replaced it with a cuckoo clock. Two rules he must follow to prevent his death is to never lose his temper and to never fall in love. Lucki is using “Perky Clockheart,” as a reference to the movie by saying his original heart has been replaced with a heart made of Percocet and he can’t lose his temper or fall in love. Throughout his 6 projects, no matter how many stains or thots he runs into, Lucki stays away from anger and love. He’s also using it as a metaphor because at this point I believe he’s taken so many drugs that his heart is numb to those emotions.

The dark side of hip-hop has been gaining track in the last few years and Lucki is on the underground roster alongside Da$h, Retch, XXXTentacion, & Ski Mask The Slump God. Mainstream darkness includes the likes of Nav, Robb Bank$, Travis Scott, 21 Savage, Danny Brown, & Flatbush Zombies. The sounds and themes of these rappers may not all be the same but they all display some level of pain in their music.

Lucki does a lot of self-reflection throughout and gets paranoid at times and receives a strong 8.8. Watch My Back as expected is a great listen and is available on SoundCloud and Lucki has alluded to being on Apple Music soon.

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