Super producer Mike WiLL Made-It recently dropped his second album Ransom 2 and its absolute fire. The prequel was released in 2014 and featured a number of A-list rappers including Migos, Juicy J, Future, 2 Chainz, Gucci Mane, Lil Wayne and many others. It also featured the big hits “Drinks On Us” featuring Swae Lee and Future, “Screen Door” featuring Bankroll Fresh, “Swerve” featuring iLoveMakonnen and “California Rari” featuring Young Thug, Future and Problem.

This time around “Gucci On My” featuring 21 Savage, YG and Migos leads the charge by being the first single from the album. 21 Savage takes the extremely catchy chorus, “Gucci on my shirt/ Gucci on my hoes nigga/ Rollie bust down/ Drippin on my clothes nigga.” YG and Takeoff’s verses are tied for my favorite on the song. Contrary to what people think Takeoff is more than his flow, he out bars Quavo and Offset on this one.

Example 1: “Jalapeno, block is hot/ Duckin, dodging from the cops/ Put a hundred in the stock/ Put a four up in the pop/ So much Gucci on me/ Hoppin out the Double G/ They thinkin I was Wop.”

Example 2: “Draco make his heart stop/ Split em like a Pop Tart/ Gucci golf suit, Tiger Woods in the back/ Gucci golf carts/ Heard you had to give the bread back/ Cause you couldn’t get the sack off.”

Call me crazy but his name isn’t Takeoff for nothing.

The first track on Ransom 2 is “On the Come Up” featuring Big Sean. He did the intro on Ransom and is back for more. Sean Don delivers 2 verses on how he and his crew have come very far since he started rapping. By now we all should know how hard Big Sean works. For years he’s been Kanye’s prodigy but hasn’t been receiving the respect he deserves. Since releasing Dark Sky Paradise in 2015 he’s been on a mission to show everyone what he’s capable of and it’s prominent on this song. “Living the life we imagined/ I cut off all my distractions/ And started attacking/ Whole team gotta have it/ Loyalty is all I’m askin/ Wearin diamond medallions/ My whole squad run the atlas.” Everything he’s done has been for him and more importantly his family and team.

Mike WiLL switches it up a bit with the songs “Hasselhoff” featuring Lil Yachty, “Aries (YuGo)” featuring Pharrell and Station Wagon P, and “Come Down” featuring Chief Keef and Rae Sremmurd.

As per usual Lil Yachty is sending shots to anybody who’s over 30 and calls new hip-hop “mumble rap.” Pharrell is sending good vibes and inspiration to get up and “make that shit happen.” Chief Keef and the Sremms flex on you but also remind you not to play games with them as Sosa says, “Only thing I worship is the Lord and this .40.”

There’s something for everybody on Ransom 2 which is rare sometimes in hip-hop. Mike WiLL refuses to limit himself to the comfort of Atlanta artists and for that the album gets a solid 8/10. Check out some videos and his Breakfast Club interview to get a feel for him as a producer.

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