I’m stuck in the boom boom room, and I like it that way.

With their debut album, The Boom Boom Room, newcomer band Palaye Royale is looking to make a bang with a fresh take on rock and the attitude it projects. While embarking on their second time on the Warped Tour circuit during this year’s tour, Palaye Royale released their first full length album – a strong first showing for a band that has really come a long way. The band first introduced itself to the masses in 2015, winning a spot on the Vans Warped tour through its battle of the bands contests, which not only led to the band getting their name out there, but also helped them get a foot through the door. A year later they returned with their own album and a fresh spot on the tour which helped give them their big break.

When I first stumbled across Boom Boom Room, I had never previously listened to any of Palaye Royale’s music, and had only known that they were a very new band in the rock scene, Now there is something very exciting and uncertain about fresh faces within this genre as it is one that is so ripe with distinct acts that it takes a great deal to really break through and make something of yourself. The excitement comes from seeing how the new act will define their own sound within such a saturated pool of unique groups, while the uncertainty of whether that take will be something you, as a listener, will personally enjoy quietly looms in the back of your mind. The first song that I listened to off of their album was titled “Mr. Doctorman” – a curious name for a likewise curious group – one of the singles released from the album; from there I was invested. This band has the kind of presence that’s hard to pin down in the sense that it’s so commanding and yet so new all at the same time. “Mr. Doctorman” is the perfect example of that in the sense that the song brings about a maturity and confidence that some bands that have been around for years are still attempting to claim for themselves. The song is a perfect combination of vocals, instrumentals, and energy that comes to define this band and is the perfect introduction to the personality this group is attempting to emulate.

What is really great about this entire album is that they keep the vibe, the overall tone and pace of their sound, consistent throughout the entire compilation. Sometimes when bands are in their first stages of attempting to really make a name for themselves and gather an audience, they attempt to do too much. They try to infuse too much sound in order to draw in as many people, but leave themselves without a strong foothold for what their true sound really is. Yet this is most definitely not the case for Palaye Royale, who make it clear from the beginning what their sound is and who they are. Going from the sound of “Mr. Doctorman”, they keep that gritty, lively, almost Aerosmith meets Rolling Stones esque vibe throughout the entirety of the album; though at times in different variations. From songs like “Ma Cherie” – a song in which they enlisted the all-powerful Kellin Quinn influence – in which they show a more vocally driven, slower paced side of their sound to songs like “Don’t Feel Quite Right” which really ride on the energy of the accompanying instrumentals, like that of the main guitar instrumentals, to give the song its overall power and energy. No matter where you turn on this album, one will find energy driven songs that are diverse in layers, but stay true to the same core.

Likewise, another personal favorite of mine, a song called “All My Friends”, is one that I think really showcases the layers that this band really possess. While the song starts out with an almost pop feel, with this being the one song that I think begins on a different wavelength than the rest of the album, it is sneaky in its delivery. From the start the listener is led to believe that the group is completely switching gears, going down a completely different path than the one that which they have devised for themselves, when in reality, they are simply giving the song a chance to build. Unlike many of the other songs, which are intense and energetic right from the start, this song is one that grows until its climax. There is a certain point, one where the vocals and the instrumentals all collide together in a way that is beyond infectious, and really drives home the power this band possesses. It is one of the more layered songs on the album, and proof of just how much range this band can cover.

In the end, Boom Boom Room is a great first showing from a band that has come a long way since its creation in 2011. The album as a whole is developed wonderfully – showcasing the group’s ability to really connect their music as a whole and really define their personality straight out of the gate. From Remington Leith on vocals, to Sebastian Danzig on guitar, and Emerson Barrett on drums, this trio is a fresh face among a very diverse pool of musicians and have proven with this first album that they are more than capable of standing out amongst the crowd. With a sound all their own and a debut album under their belt, Palaye Royale have nowhere to go but up in their musical career, which from the looks of it, will be a good one.



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