The buildup was a couple years coming, and now it is finally hear – new music from Pierce the Veil. Having been out in the atmosphere for a couple weeks, fans and people who have stumbled on their latest album have all had the time to fully absorb the new sounds and really get the chance to make their own opinions. With that being said, now that we’ve had some time to digest, let’s talk.

For those that were unaware, earlier this month, Pierce the Veil came out with their highly anticipated fourth studio album – one which diehard fans have awaited four long years for. In that time, fans were given a slight taste of what was to come with the release of the single “The Divine Zero” signaling that this new album would contain the fiery energy that has become the group’s signature over the years. On May, the day finally arrived where the album, “Misadventures”, was unveiled to the world, and boy did PTV come back with a bang.

The entire presentation of the album is spectacular. Starting with its coordinated artwork, which proved to be an integral part of the marketing campaign – from being featured as a moving concept in promotional ads to having a full blown mural-sized replica being erected in LA; the artwork was the first distinctive step that defined the album itself. Beyond the face of the album is the body, which in full force did not disappoint. The album itself is a collide scope of images and ideas that all come together to create something both intriguing and original, much like the artwork. Tethered together by the raw power that radiates from this group are a mixture of songs that all work together, but each have the capability of standing out on their own. This can also be true for the song names, which are collectively jarring and perfectly pinpoint the vibe of each song. From intensity driven songs such as “Texas is Forever” and “Phantom Power and Ludicrous Speed”, to more emotion driven pieces such as “Song for Isabelle”, “Floral and Fading”, and “Bedless”, to complete shredders such as “Dive In” and “Today I Saw The Whole World”.  There is something for everybody on this album, and a song that can perfectly define with any mood. The wide range of ideas and emotions is really palpable throughout the entirety of the album, and can be felt within every song.

All in all, Pierce the Veil once again played a strong hand with their latest album; a heavy feat in a year filled with new release after new release. Especially in their sector of the music industry, where heavy hitters have been coming out in full force to try and effectively claim their chunk of the jungle that is rock music. Luckily, this is not Pierce the Veil’s first rodeo, as their album shows, and if this is any indication, this is the kind of band that only gets better with every album. Though, hopefully, we won’t have to wait another four years to see them prove this fact once again. In the end, if this misadventure is any indication, the real adventures with Pierce the Veil are just getting started.


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