Post Malone shook the music world up last year when he released his hit single White Iverson; the song was enough to catapult him to stardom.  He followed up with one of my favorite songs from him “Too young.” Post has now finally released his highly anticipated mixtape “August 26th and I took the time to review it in full.


Post starts the mixtape off with a song titled Never Understand ft Larry June.  This track sets a good tone, with post harmonizing about issues he is now dealing with becoming a star. “Him saying they don’t never understand in a melodic fashion.” Post Malone is quickly becoming one of my favorite artists when it comes to his ability to attack each track with a different flow. Larry June adds some flavor to this track almost feeding off Post Malone in the emotional tone of the record.


The mixtapes continues on with the next track blessed with a feature from 2 Chainz titled “Money made me do it”.  This song gives you a real happy feel, especially the beat.  Post Malone and 2 Chainz both did great on this track.

The chorus will have you rocking back and forth chanting “Money made me do it.”


Track number 3 “Get with you”, has a lot of sauce on it as Post Malone would say.  Post delivers another catchy chorus. I feel like this song is a song that represents the Post Malone style we have become accustomed to.


“God Damn ft 1st is most def a certified banger you can tell as soon as the beat drops. The drums on this track are amazing. The vibe on this song is extremely heavy.  The feature from 1st  added a really nice tone to the track.  Post Malone continues to show his versatility on this song.  I can see this track becoming a summer anthem.


The next song flows right into a strong R&B/Soul vibe.  The title of this song says it all being title “Fuck ft Jeremih”.  Both Post Malone and Jeremih delivered impressive flows on this song.  If your in that type of mood with your significant other this song will most likely enhance the mood.


The R&B/Soul vibe quickly ends with the next track “40 Funk.” This is definitely a party track.  The chorus makes you automatically want to dance. I must say Post went in with his flow on this song.  “40 got me funky, I popped a molly.” This track sounds like a good night of being faded. The song seems to progressively get better the further you get into it.


Track number 6 is blessed with a feature from one of Atlanta’s new rising stars Lil Yachty. The track is called “Monte”, and it is repeated enough times in the chorus to make sure you never forget. At first I didn’t like the song because of the simple repetitive chorus, but then I found myself singing along.  The real stand out point of this song was Lil Yachty, I was totally caught off guard by his verse. Yachty sauced all over this track.  If you don’t mind the simple chorus, this song will be a good listen for you.


“Hollywood Dreams/Comedown” was the track I was waiting on.  This is the big song of the mixtape.  The track delivers a very retro/country feel and I think it is amazing.  This is one of those songs you can see in the Top 40 and you just understand why.  I didn’t see this track coming at all.  Post Malone completely shows his versatility with this song.  I like to call tracks like “Hollywood Dreams/Comedown” statement songs, and he did just that.  As the track transitions into the second half the entire vibe changes.  This track is worth many repeat listens.


The next song has a very unexpected feature from Jaden Smith and he didn’t sound bad at all. The song is title “Lonely”, I didn’t really know what to expect from this song.  Post Malone attacks this track with ultimate sauce, he delivers one of those verses that makes you want to sing it karaoke style.  The beat has a very emotional moody vibe to it.  Beats like this really help post stand out.  Emotions of missing someone are dripping all over this song.  I suggest you not be caught up in your feeling when jamming “Lonely ft Jaden Smith”.


The last song on the mixtape “Oh God” is a track that your either going to really appreciate or really not be that in to it.  The track is a flavored with a guitar and a very folk type country feel.  Post Malone sings “Oh God save me”, giving me the sense that this song came from a deep place inside of him.  The guitar on this track gives it a very dark feeling and closes the mixtape with a darker feeling then the previous tracks. I personally like the song, but I understand it if many people in the hip-hop community don’t take to it.


I can honestly say that I enjoyed the entire mixtape “August 26th.  It was laced with some amazing features and great production.  The mixtape acts as a teaser of what to come from Post Malone and from the looks of it there is no telling. This guy has the ability to adapt to any type of track.  If you appreciate versatility this mixtape will be jamming. If you haven’t already checked out the “August 26th”, I suggest that you do so.



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