In early June, Young Thug appeared on the “Pull Up with A Stick Remix” and there has been a lot of controversy towards the remix and Thug’s feature. Every time Young Thug gets features on a song, everyone knows about it, but this song was a little under the radar. I didn’t hear much about the song until a week after it came out. Sahbabii generally kept the chorus the same and somewhat switched his verses up a little. While, Young Thug, on the other hand just does ad-libs throughout and doesn’t have a verse until towards the end of the song. Usually when an artist’s feature gets saved for the end of the song, the audience grows anticipated and anxious that the verse is going to be amazing. Usually with Young Thug this is the case; he never really disappoints his fans with his clever word play.

Unfortunately, though, it was a lot different this time. Young Thug’s verse was good, but it didn’t compare at all to any of the other features he’s been doing recently. Thug’s verses in “Sacrifices” by Drake, “Trap Trap Trap” by Rick Ross and plenty of others make this verse look like it was made by an average rapper. It’s almost as if Young Thug didn’t want to outshine Sahbabii and purposefully sounded like he just didn’t put his all into the ad-libs, his verse, anything. If he had more than one verse, or a longer verse the song would’ve sounded a lot better. As a huge Young Thug fan, I wish he would’ve came on the track harder and kept his “taking over songs” streak alive.


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