When Odd Future burst onto the music scene in late 2009, no one knew how to digest this rambunctious alternative hip hop collective from Los Angeles. All we knew was that they were doing music, on their own terms, and that it was really good. The thing that caught us all off guard was the music was getting recognition fast. The collective was able to garner a cult following quicker than we’ve seen in earlier years. Now, in 2017, Odd Future is internationally known and close to becoming a household name. This past Friday, the former main producer of Odd Future and lead singer of the Odd Future sub-group The Internet, Syd released her debut solo album titled Fin and showed how talented she really is.
In interviews with The Internet, Syd did say that her solo work would be more mainstream than anything she did with The Internet, and she was not lying. As the project does have a feel that any song could be heard on the radio, Syd shows her uniqueness on the project as well as versatility and range. One standout track was the first single from the project, “All About Me”. Produced by Internet band-mate Steve Lacy, the production is surprising and far off from the sound that The Internet uses. But, Syd makes the beat her own by taking a new, but original, sense of bravado while talking about keeping a tight knit support system of family and friends. Another standout was the second single, “Body”. In an interview with Zane Lowe, Syd referred to this song as her “baby making” anthem. As the sensual tones are very apparent, the song has this slow-burn feel to it, where it eases you into the sensuality of the subject matter, and does not force it on you once it has lulled you in. The third standout track was “Over”, featuring fellow quickly-rising artist 6LACK. Produced by Haze Banga, the only collaboration on the album deals with having questions about a relationship going bad, and 6LACK does a good job of complementing Syd while not overshadowing her on the track. In my opinion, Syd’s debut shows another side of her that was not really shown in The Internet’s work, and is welcomed, because it highlights the complexity of Syd as an artist.



What did you think of the album? Did you enjoy the change of pace Syd displayed? Leave your comments in the space below.



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