This past Sunday the Weeknd released a video for the song “Secrets,” directed by Pedro Martin-Calero, off of Starboy. The historic Toronto Reference Public Library and some of the University of Toronto at Scarborough were used for the background. The architectural gems served their purpose complimenting the song and plot of the video. If you haven’t heard the album in its entirety, in “Secrets” the Weeknd is singing to woman about the secrets she keeps from him and the lust she has for other men.

With that being said, the video depicts a woman running to and away from two men, one being the Weeknd. Most of the time he’s wandering around and looking on the couple. She’s trying to hide her secret about the other man from each one but they continue to find and follow her. The love triangle becomes apparent midway through the video when clips are shown of the woman running to and hugging both men. At the end of the video it flashes back to the Weeknd hugging the woman and looking completely over her and the whole situation. The Weeknd is then shown walking outside in the heavy snow to a giant floating cross.

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