This past November I wrote a feature piece on ThouxanbanFauni and his route to becoming a part of the new wave of rappers. He should be in everyone’s top 5 new rappers and if you’re still not giving him the time of day then watch his video for “Wish The Worst” below – which in my opinion is his best work. He ended his 2016 strongly by releasing the video and signing to Rich the Kid’s Rich Forever Music label making him label mates with Chicago rapper Famous Dex.

Mid-January he finally released the highly anticipated mixtape Heavy Weight Champ. With 3400 on his back, Fauni skates through the tape going bar-for-bar with himself. Although there are only 13 songs he certainly brings enough heat for 20. He remains true to himself and his crew on “In Da Field.”

“Some niggas choke, some niggas don’t/ I’m in the field and I won’t ever fold/ These niggas tryna be heroes, tryna be bold/ Really, all that talkin getting old.” Fauni is clearly fed up, like the rest of us, with people not being about what they claim they’re about. Being a widespread epidemic, it’s something you see every day in Atlanta no matter what side you’re from. The music scene is plagued with it and you have to be able to tell real from fake like Fauni or you’ll get finessed.

The last song, “Stand For Sum” should be a part of everyone’s motivation music playlist (if you don’t have one I encourage you to make one). He tells listeners to “stand for something not fall for anything.” It’s an old message but Fauni adds his perspective which is more than about just surrounding yourself with the right people. Don’t fall for a girl simply because she’s a “dime” by everyone’s standards. Want more for yourself and don’t fall for primitive thinking because you’re black living in a white world.

Listen to the rest because there are plenty more timeless gems from Fauni. A 9/10 is easily an appropriate grade but don’t just take my word for it.

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