7-Coachella2014-grouploveGrouplove, formed in 2009, is an American indie rock band with a very unique sound. Since their first EP that was released in 2010 followed by their first album, Never Trust a Happy Song in 2011, the group has done nothing but grow in popularity. The band that spawned from a friendship between the five members, and has since retained the same upbeat charisma that first came to life in 2009.

“Welcome To Your Life” is the newest song by Grouplove. This song, a single off their upcoming album Big Mess, is already a hit and climbing the charts. The new album by Grouplove has been highly anticipated since the release of their last album, Spreading Rumors (Deluxe) in 2013, and will be available on September 9th of this year.

Grouplove is Los Angeles based with a signature indie rock sound. For their new single, Grouplove has kept their trademark playful and eccentric pop sound, complimented with uplifting and upbeat lyrics. The “Welcome To Your Life” music video already has over 191,000 views since being posted on the 14th of July. Article-2179142-grouplove-770x470

It is true that some music videos can detract from a song’s meaning, as music videos can be made and produced without the artist’s influence with the sole purpose of being just another cash grab meant to shock or attract the viewer. However, the music video accompanying “Welcome To Your Life” only strengthens the overall theme of the song. Especially in this time of tragedy,  violence, and catastrophe, the song’s message of renewal of life really resonates. The music video does an excellent job of depicting the waywardness of life with natural disasters such as storms and floods; all things that would be considered tragic and catastrophic. The song and music video together suggest that rather than fleeing or fearing the world and her serendipity, it is better to embrace it and hold your ground because it is, after all, “your life” and it can be what you make it.

“Welcome To Your Life” is powerful and uplifting. This single sets the bar very high for the rest of the upcoming album, Big Mess. With lyrics like “Welcome to your life… It could be your fantasy” Grouplove does an excellent job of reminding their listeners that life is a chance worth taking, and with the added bonus of a both inspirational and beautifully directed music video, “Welcome To Your Life” is likely to become the anthem of many people who are facing adversity but have hope for the future. 

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