I know summer is quickly approaching but it’s still wintertime all the time. The sliddery continues with Wintertime’s newest self-titled release Wintertime. He gave us a 10 track mixtape last Friday after not releasing a solo project for over a year. Back in January he released an EP alongside Felix Snow titled No Winter Without Snow. Throughout the year he’s released a few songs including “To The Bag,” “All The Time 2,” & the sports themed hit “Porzingis Freestyle.”

On Wintertime the mixtape Winter keeps up the sports one-liners by describing who he could be playing for if he wasn’t rapping including the San Diego Chargers, Cleveland Cavaliers, the Jacksonville Jaguars, the New Orleans Pelicans and the Oklahoma City Thunder. To continue the sports line he picks up the new personas of Steve Nash, Glen Rice, Barry Sanders, Stephon Marbury, Larry Sanders and Marshawn Lynch. Other pop culture personas Wintertime adopts include: Yoda, James Bond, Bill Nye the Science Guy, Anita Baker, Sarah Silverman, Tom Cruise, Pamela Anderson, David Blaine and the Silver Surfer.

Among all the young rappers new to the game, Wintertime is unique. His name, his flow and his adlibs are all different in nature of what you might hear on the radio or trending on SoundCloud. He’s so rare that over the last year vultures have been stealing the iconic flow and adlibs “Okay” and “Aight.” He voiced most of his frustration on the pre-mixtape song “To the Bag” by saying “How they talkin’ ’bout okay, alright?/ This shit really not okay, alright?/ Played it back I said that can’t be right/ Guess that I’ma have to copyright it/ You ain’t nothing but a copy writer.”

Although he still has a little left for the mixtape he gears the lyrics mostly toward flexing. The 2 best songs to flex to are “How Do You Feel?” and “Cold At Night” both produced by himself. The beat suggests a subtle flex but he’s far from subtle on this track with 30 bars of sliddery. More than just money and possessions, Winter flexes his importance. Close to the beginning he says, “Almost got drafted by the Thunder/ Wintertime I need a TV special/ Wintertime I got a busy schedule/ I see way too many opps (okay)/ Pull up in the droptop/ I like my Sprite chillin’ on the rocks (thanks, have a great day).”

“Cold At Night” is considerably shorter but Winter flexes on the beat. He displays that classic Wintertime sound that “SoundCloud rappers” are trying to steal. He uses his original adlibs in his unique tone that his fans love. Play this jam at the kickback.

Wintertime stays true to himself and keeps up the sliddery and receives a 8.7/10 for his new project. It’s available on SoundCloud and Apple Music.



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