“5 with the f*ck you,” (started by the EA legend Gucci Mane) is a saying that tells residents in Atlanta you’re from the east side AKA Zone 6.  East Atlanta recently has had an outpouring of a new rappers coming to fruition. Notably Young Nudy has been collecting a following in the city and metro area. The first glimpse of him was on the 21 Savage song “Slime” back in 2015. In September of 2016 he released his debut mixtape Paradise City. A short time after that he released the tape Slimeball which features the street hit “Yeah Yeah.” If you love 21 Savage then you’ll love his cousin Young Nudy (and probably already know of him.) His flow is unique and his trap bars are about his real life which means no capping on a song.

Recently Nudy released his sequel Slimeball 2 hosted by DJ Scream and HoodrichKeem. It includes 13 tracks with a run time of just over 40 minutes. Production comes largely from Pierre Bourne but also includes Richie Souf and Metro Boomin. Guest verses come from 21 Savage, Juicy J, Drugrixh Peso, and Kourtney Money. Throughout the tape Nudy keeps the Blood Gang and general trap themes.

On the song, “EA,” he and 21 Savage flex their Zone 6 muscles. Nudy starts the hook off with, “I’m from the 5, middle finger Zone 6/ Dirty land, dirty sticks/ Bad b*tches getting hit/ Put a n*gga on a lick/ Rob a n*gga for a brick/ Rob a n*gga for his sh*t.” He makes sure there’s no mistake about what goes on in East Atlanta. 21 Savage pays his dues and show up with all the heat. He starts his verse off with, “Middle finger with 5/ Tinted windows when we slide/ Glock .40, Draco, know I’m riding round n*gga with the slime/ Shoot a n*gga in his spine/ N*gga’s snitch to cut time/ We the Fox 5 Gang n*gga’s getting whacked snitchin on mine.” This goes without saying but you will get shot acting tough around these two.

Other honorable mentions include “Smoke,” and the Metro Boomin produced “Burn Ya.”  Young Nudy is predicted to blow up this year and has a leg up on the competition with Slimeball 2. The tape as a whole rightfully earns a 8.5/10. You can listen  here and leave your score in the comments.

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