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Yo! My name is Roosevelt and I am a 20 year old entrepreneur and clothing designer. Growing up in Kansas City, Missouri I always knew I wanted to do something out of my comfort zone. By staying active on social media and obtaining over 30 thousand followers on Twitter, I had to create something that was true to myself and that I was passionate about. Then ‘RICH’ was born. In high school, I always seen the “popular” kids wearing the expensive name brand clothing that I couldn’t afford. Then that fueled me. I wanted my clothing brand ‘RICH’ to be inexpensive and appeal to any age group. ‘RICH’ focuses on the non-materialistic things in life for example love, humbleness, family and friends. Being ‘RICH’ is feeling confident, standing up for what you truly believe in, and not accepting “no” for an answer. I want people to wear my clothing brand and to feel just as empowered as the people wearing Versace, Puma, Polo, etc. Being ‘RICH’ is spreading love, positivity and remaining humble. Shipping my clothing around the world for example, Canada, Indonesia, France, New York, California, etc means the world to me and I am so grateful that the world is receiving my clothing brand ‘RICH’ positively. Recently, I have just wrapped up my first commercial for four major networks and I couldn’t be any happier. My good friend Elianel Clinton was able to come from New York to shoot the commercial for my brand and also my good friend Tyler Boyce was able to be a director and model in the commercial shoot as well. My ultimate goal with my clothing brand ‘RICH’ is to inspire our entire generation to become business owners and delve into creative fields. Secondly, I want to influence people to be themselves and embrace their individuality because that is what makes you unique.

A special thank you to FRL Magazine for reaching out to me for this amazing interview, my family and friends as well as my amazing models.


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