Ending things with an ex, friend with benefits, or whatever label you want to give the relationship is always uncomfortable. Even if the split is amicable there are still too many feelings and emotions to ever have a clean break. What’s worse is when you end things with this person and you share mutual friends. They inevitability of running into this person is always a struggle. The moment one of you walks into the room, all eyes and ears are waiting to see the reactions on both of your faces. It can be intense, sometimes intimidating to have to deal with. Take this past weekend, everyone’s favorite on/off again couple Aubrih were spotted at a kid’s birthday party. They arrived separately and while it’s unsure if they knew whether or not they knew each other was going to be there, it’s a moment that way too many of us can relate to. The awkwardness of everyone looking at you while you’re trying to avoid the tension is uncomfortable and so laughable in a lot of ways. It brings up an interesting question though: What is the best way to deal with an uncomfortable run in with an ex?

In my small town experience, run ins with exes are a pretty normal thing. It’s typical to run into your exes whole family during a Walmart run for tampons. Small talk is key in these situations. Neither of you want to be having the conversation, but it would be rude not to right? I’ve always dealt with these run ins the best way I know how, to act like the other one doesn’t exist. When you’re unsure of the relationship status it’s hard to decide which reaction is best, so I go with no reaction at all. Rihanna and Drake have seemed to have taken a similar path this weekend as there were no photos of the two together. The always enchanting Rihanna seemed to be dazzled by all of the little ones running around while Drake hung out in the corner calm, collected, and maybe too cool seeing as how he had to make sure to zip his already zipped sweater up. Hey, Drizzy it’s okay, if I was in the same room as Rihanna I would be a little thrown off too. If Drake and Rihanna are still dealing with these things during the course of their unstoppable careers, I guess I can deal with seeing my ex and his sister once a month at my local Walmart.

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