Ever since she released her first wave of Fenty Puma slides in the Spring of 2016, everyone has been clamoring to get their hands on a pair. These were the shoes that every fashionable young woman had to own. The very first wave of Fenty Puma slides featured the iconic fur slide that came in baby pink, black and white. In the fall of 2016 Rihanna then released the fur slide in an additional color, grey. During the spring of this year, Rihanna released her first collection of the satin bow slides. These slides come in baby pink, white, and olive green. These slides are a bit dressier than the fur slides because of the satin material. Earlier this summer, Fenty Puma released the translucent jelly slides in white, black, and pink. These shoes give a vintage feel as they are a throwback to the 90’s style of jelly shoes.

Last week, Rihanna took to Instagram on July 11 and posted an artsy photo of her shoes. This social media post announced the release of her famous fur slides in three exclusive summer colors. These slides come in the pastel colors of lavender, sea foam green, and baby blue. These were released on Thursday July 13 and are still available on the Puma website. These slides are the perfect pop of color for your summer wardrobe. They can either match an outfit that consists of one of these colors or it can be an accent color when wearing all white, a common summer outfit. Fenty Puma fans better get their hands on these while they are still available. If you do your research before buying, you may even be able to find some puma coupons, to get some money of these newly released shoes!