When Rih debuted her new locs on Instagram 5 days ago, social media went bat shit. The 28 year old Barbadian Beauty is a trendsetter in her own right. Every new hairstyle she gets she slays and many of Rihanna’s fans took to Twitter to express their love for the star’s new look.

– @thelipstickgawd “Rihanna looks amazing with her faux locs. Y’all just hating.”

-@_yungangelll “Rihanna look so good with them faux locs😍

-@fucci “the world will never understand how much rihanna having faux locs makes me happy.”

Hailing from Barbados, locs are apart of Rih’s culture. Everything Rihanna does the world is constantly watches and takes notes. She is a fashion icon and one of the most influential celebrities in pop culture today.  Even other celebrities take notes from Rih. Kendall Jenner posted a photo of herself on instagram wearing the iconic heart shaped Saint Laurent Fox Fur Coat (these run for about 15,500…basically my tuition) that got over a million likes in just under three hours.


But before Kendall snapped a shot of her wearing the coat and laughing, Rih was pictured strutting down the streets of New York in the same coat.


So as we can see, Rihanna is a trendsetter both in our mundane world and the world of stardom.But what happens when someone from our world claims a mega pop icon stole their look?

On Twitter a day ago I came across a girl who goes by the handle @Chrisskylark who claims that badgalRiRi stole the faux locs hairstyle from a friend of hers.

“@“I know people already post pictures of Rihanna, but I have never seen her get posted THIS much. And it’s cause she took look”

Pause, i see Rihanna on my timeline daily. She is an A list celebrity with a net worth of over $100 million and she is constantly getting photographed and put on all social media platforms, so yes she is posted THAT much. So curious little me went to @badgyalting twitter to see what this situation was about. Nevertheless, she had the exact same hairstyle as Rih in her profile picture which then prompted me to divulge deeper into her twitter.

@badgyalting claims that Rih is the one who STOLE her hairstyle from her when she was a back up dancer for her at the VMA’s. See Below.shade

Yes. No one can deny the similarity between the two hairstyles nor can one deny that she was in fact a backup dancer for Rih at the VMAs. BUT…

In my opinion, (If any of this is even true lol) I would be honored if Rihanna saw me and thought my hairstyle was so cute that she got it too. I would live for the fact Rih got inspired by my look instead of seeking recognition and gratification through social media. Because you got that hairstyle from someone who got it from someone else and so on. Nothing you think you do is 100% original. Rih shouldn’t have to post a photo of her dreads saying “Got this look from a dancer at the VMAs”. No one is going to do that. That’s like a girl seeing me with Fenty slides and deciding she wants some too. Neither her or I invented the slides so she isn’t stealing a look from me and I don’t deserve any credit for sparking her interest in the shoes.

Nevertheless, we should be happy that a black celebrity is in touch with her roots and not assimilating to white culture. We should be happy that Rihanna is a representation of black girls all around the world. We should uplift and care for one another instead of trying to tear eachother down.



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