Just shy of the age 24,Ronnie James Tucker , musically known as Ro James brings back soul to the music world.  His penmanship reflects just how musically inclined he really is. Heavily influenced by gospel music as a child helped nurture his spirit of music. Molded by gospel and soul music at such an early age set the tone for Ro James as an future artist. Although his lyrics are quite different, his music fills you just the same.

It wasn’t until 2013 that he graced the r&b world with his artistry. His honest approach and his reserved demeanor would benefit him well in the music industry.ro-james-music-image

His song, “Permission,” has a poetic groove that’s so authentic. Tailored by the romantic lyrics, its obvious that he’s musically inclined before his time. His approach is smooth and his style is unique. Quite fitting for the German-born native, who once was afraid to sing in public. All that talent held captive now serves his audience well as he appeases their ears with his soulful melodies.

Compared to artists such as Miguel, Ro James is definitely headed in the right direction. His music foundation assures him a bright future. Other artists will soon find use in his penmanship. As a young songwriter he has much to offer the music industry and it’s audience. His music is inspired by old rhythm and blues that finds shelter in your mind. Like a tune that stays with you throughout the day,his music moves you. Ro James has a genuine talent. He’s redefining music as we know it!




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