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Since the last time we spoke to Rich Apparel, Broome and his thriving clothing brand has made some astonishing accomplishments. With commercials, new designs, TV and radio features, and being featured in fashion shows, there’s no doubt that this year, and the next, is destined for this one-of-a-kind clothing brand. Stay tuned for our recent behind-the-scenes scoop on the life of Broome and Rich Apparel

Q: What’s new in Rich Apparel? 

A: In Rich Apparels, we have shot a commercial, rolled out new designs, television and radio features and are now featured in Bosede’s 5th Annual Fashion Show.


haley-summerQ: What stores are your clothes now being placed in? 

A: At the moment, we currently have our pieces on our online boutique however, at the top of the year we have a few stores we will be in.


Q: You said you shot a commercial, tell us what that experience was like? Has it helped boost your products? 

A: Yes!! My commercial!! In March 2016, we have shot a commercial for BET, MTV, E! Network and VH1. That was my first time being able to not only be the designer but also to be the producer and director in my own commercial. Some people were actually shocked when I told them my roles in Rich commercial, but with my brand Rich I am very hands on. Having my commercial play during the MTV Movie Awards was definitely a surreal moment for me. Having my commercial air on BET, MTV, E! Network and VH1 helped me greatly with exposure and sales. I definitely plan on shooting another commercial at the top of next year in which I am super excited about!


adamsummerQ: What information can you give us on this upcoming Fashion Show and the purpose behind it? 

A: Epic!! For the fashion show, the main focus is to not only highlight local and upcoming designers, but also were raising money for The Kansas City Boys and Girls Choir. To be featured in such a big event to showcase my Spring 2017 Line is such a humbling feeling. To see the red carpet, lights, cameras, ahh! Super dope! The night of November 12 will definitely be a movie.


Q: What are your goals for the remainder of 2016? 

A: My biggest goal for the end of this year is to complete my documentary ‘Roosevelt: Behind Rich’. I started recording late 2015. Lots of people asked me “Why are you shooting a documentary? You’re only 21?” I want to show my generation that it’s not easy to just start up your own company. There’s so much that goes into owning a clothing brand and I want to show people the positives and the struggles in owning your own brand.


Q: With all of your recent success, what top you hope to gain in 2017? 

A: In 2017, I hope to feature in more fashion show for example Kansas City, New York, Chicago Fashion Week. The sky’s the limit! I hope to expand my brand even larger and making Rich Apparels a household name. I would love to bring something totally different in 2017 with my designs; something my consumers would never expect!


alifall-lineQ: What is new and exclusive in your Fall 2016 line? 

A: It’s something new and fresh! The name of my Fall 2016 is called Nirvana which means a state of happiness. The cool thing about my Fall 2016 Line, I decided to break it up into 2 parts to keep people on their toes. In the past, I would just release all of my Fall, Spring, Summer line all at once, however this season, I wanted to switch it up, giving people 2 parts to the Fall collection.


Q: Do you see yourself opening up your own store in the near future?

A: Honestly, there is so much I want to accomplish. I would love to open up a RICH store sometime in the future as well as opening up a school for young and upcoming designers on the fundamentals of creating and owning a brand.


zoefaiezsummerQ: What is next for Rich Apparel? Any collaborations? 

A: In 2017, there will be lots of surprises that I am extremely excited about! I am collaborating with 1 of many stores that I have dreamed about in February/March, collaborations with designers, another commercial, fashions shows and some clothing pieces that people have never seen before. Next year, Rich Apparels is stepping it up and taking our designs to a whole other level!


Q: What would you like all your fans/consumers to know?

A: My main goal is to inspire our generation to follow their dreams and mold them into a reality. Also, I want my clothing brand to give individuals the confidence they need so where they go whether it’s a restaurant, first day of school or a club, to feel empowered in my brand Rich Apparels. The best thing about my brand Rich Apparels it’s “the t-shirt for any occasion”. I believe my shirts can be worn for everything from a casual night out to a dress-to-impress dinner party. I pride myself on having a t-shirt for every occasion.


Q: On a personal level, how has Rich Apparel helped you as a person? Have you noticed any personal growth or changing perspectives? 

A: Oh man. My brand Rich Apparels has given me a different outlook on life, definitely. Starting my brand I never knew how many could be inspired by a young man from  Kansas City doing what he loves. In continuing my brand, I have a much clearer vision of exactly what I want for my future. 

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Check out this exclusive FW 2016 Promo Video! 


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