It’s the start of the NBA playoffs and fans are excited to see who will advance to the second round. Viewers were glued to their televisions to watch two of the MVP candidates face-off for game one of their series. The king of triple-doubles, Russell Westbrook, and the ankle-breaking point guard, James Harden, are the center of attention in the playoffs right now.

Just a few years ago the two were teammates before Harden departed to Houston. The two are still good friends but that won’t stop either one from showing any mercy on the court. When asked about their friendship before the game, Westbrook stated that while playing the only friend he has on the court is “Spalding”.

 The caliber of talent that these two point guards have are amazing and sometimes unbelievable. The stars were quiet in the first quarter but that didn’t last long. Harden put a few players on ice with his smooth and quick handles a few times. It’s like he has string on the ball while dribbling. Then there’s Westbrook who’s energy is questionable because it’s unusual for one individual to run around the court and hustle the way he does. Dude has crazy energy.

Both players have a prolific gift in the sport and definitely deserving of their MVP nominations. Both men have been key factors in their teams’ success but who’s has the ability to take their team to the next round.

These next few games will be something to watch.

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