About Time is Sabrina Claudio’s debut mixtape. With singles like “Unravel Me” and ” Belong To You” Claudio had every new-age R&B lover yearning for the release of this tape and she didn’t disappoint.

About time is a 10-track project that features 6Lack’s remix of “Belong To You.” Although some of the songs differ in tone and context they all have one thing in common ,Claudio’s soft and breathy voice. Claudio’s vocals are nothing short of angelic. Her dreamy and sultry vocals beautifully elevate the beats she sings over.

Her vocals are always in perfect harmony with the beat. Her beats build with her vocals, everything is always perfectly synced.  From songs like “Wait”, which feature jazz band instrumentals and  Claudio’s sultry vocals to songs like “Frozen” which feature a mix of R&B and indie instrumentals and showcase Clausdio’s soft soulful side.

This tape features a diverse amount of beats which only illuminates Claudio’s ability to diversify her sound. From SZA and Daniel Caesar to Claudio I am in complete admiration at this new wave of indie R&B, it’s really nice to hear something that’s different.

About Time is a tape that guides you into a euphoric and happy state. The tape will flow through you as you listen to it, your whole body will feel. Claudio makes the type of music that forces you to close you eyes and bounce along to. It’s fun, it’s sensual and it’s light, which is exactly what the world needs right now.



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