If you consider yourself a member of the FRL audience then I am sure you’ve come across the “Video of the Week” (well, I’m not sure about on the mobile site . . . but for all my desktop viewers, keep reading) – if you’re aware of what I’m talking about than you may remember the week when Sabrina Claudio’s Confidently Lost video was the song of the week.

If the readers are anything like me they may have noticed it and went straight to the article they were looking to read. It’s not that I wasn’t interested in the song, it’s more . . . I wanted to read what I wanted to read and that was all I was interested in.

Being a music editor, I don’t know why I never bother to even listen to the song, especially when every time I went on the website the video came on (lol, thanks auto-play).

After the week was up, a new video was placed on the website and I eventually forgot about it. It wasn’t until a couple days ago that I was browsing for music on YouTube & I noticed this video for the hundredth time in my recommended section. I was a little hesitant to listen to it at first because one, the song I was listening to was pretty great, and two, the song I was listening to was pretty great.

Now, I know I could’ve waited until the song was over to click the new video but . . . well, I don’t know why I didn’t (lol); anyways upon clicking the video I was immediately in awe. Within the first ten seconds, I automatically opened up a new tab to find the project that this song was on. To my surprise, it was an ep entitled Confidently Lost.

artworks-000158605492-gqksnu-t500x500The six-track ep was released on Claudio’s Soundclound account mid-April; since then getting over 2.3 million plays in total. It looks that Claudio knew what she was doing when she released tracks four and five (Confidently Lost & Orion’s Belt) as singles because since its release these songs have garnered over 1.17 million plays and videos receiving over 600K views in total.

If you listen to older artists such as Sade, Norah Jones, or newer artists such as Banks and Tinashe, then you will enjoy this ep as much, if not more, than I have. It seems that she can only go up from here and I wish nothing but success for her.

To listen to her ep Confidently lost click here.

To listen to her single(s): Confidently Lost click here OR Orion’s Belt click here.

To watch the video for Confidently Lost (previously: Video of the Week) click here.


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