Saturday Night Live just recently turned 40 years old, and celebrated all the shows accomplishments throughout the years. The show highlights realistic comedic perceptions of real people, or comedy skits. They’ve guest starred some of the funniest comedians, actors, and entertainers throughout the years to keep the show relevant and interesting. SNL has been a casual laugh in the midst of dire times, and creates a space for us to simply find humor in everything. As they’ve progressed, they’ve featured some of our favorite artists including Chance the Rapper, Kanye West, and Future. During this election, they have also performed multiple skits that have been nothing short of hilarious. Throughout this past year with all the new music we’ve been receiving on the behalf of black excellence the performances just keep coming.  After Solange gave us A Seat At The Table, we assumed she would return to her internet presence. This was not all she had to offer, and she made sure to let us know of that. Shortly after the album release, she posted multiple videos as well as lengthened discussion on the behalf of creating the album. We have all been inspired by the presentation, and artistry behind every visual coinciding with the song. The most recent thing she’s blessed us with is her performance on SNL this past week. She performed album favorites Don’t Touch My Hair and Cranes In The Sky, and of course she gave us a visual performance. Check out the perfomance below!


There has also been confirmation from multiple sources that Dave Chapelle, a long time comedian, will be hosting SNL on November 12th. He will have a guest appearance from the iconic Queens hip-hop trio, A Tribe Called Quest, who haven’t had a performance in years. Queens, New York is known as the  land of the MC’s and hip hop, which has produced some of the top hip-ho artists such as Nas, Run DMC, and Kool G Rap. Some of ATCQ’s most famous songs being Can I Kick It?, Bonita Applebum, and Check The Rhyme. They developed during a time when hip hop started sounding redundant, and they emerged with this brand new funky sound mixed with multiple large appreciation for diversity in music. Stay tuned to see these three faces deliver an amazing performance, and hopefully some new music on the horizon!

A Tribe Called Quest: Q-Tip, Phife, Ali Shaheed Muhammad.

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