“I make my moves on the low, keep everything on the low…” 

In her latest release, Low End Theory, featuring U.K. artist Cicero and D.C. artist Ub3rGrl, this single is perfect for those feel-good, chill out vibes as Alexander whisks you away with her sultry vocals and rhymes on keeping all moves on a low profile and moving in silence.

We all know that it’s best to move in silence when you’re making big moves for yourself. It’s the best way to keep the suspicion high, while you do it big on the low.

 “You should make moves on the low, keep everything on the low & meditate mo’. N*gga you holding you back, it’s time for a plan of attack…”

PREAAACH! Don’t hold yourself back by broadcasting every move that you make, that’s how people begin to plot on you and look to bring down every move that you make, but you gotta make a plan of attack for yourself, plot big and remain low…that’s the best way to move.

By way of South Jersey, Saturn, Alexander is a super fun rapper with a great ear for production. Low End Theory is the first release of her forthcoming EP slated to be released at the top of the year. Listen to her latest single, Low End Theory below!

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