“See You In A Different Light” is the second release to come from Long Island’s indie folk punk group The Tin Can Collective- off their upcoming independent LP Skeletown, out October 6th 2017.

“See You In A Different Light” highlights the thought process of separating fantasy from reality. The slow beginning transitions to a more hopeful melody, reminding you that whatever happens will happen, whether or not you like it. With lyrics that are reminiscent of falling for someone, with no real knowledge of where you’ll land, “A Different Light” reaffirms the idea that “when you’re looking for the sign, everything is a sign”.  The eventual shift from slow melancholy to delightful acceptance gives a new meaning to the idea of a modern day love song, while surprising listeners with an enjoyable musical journey through the ideas of perception and subconscious emotions.

Guitarist and vocalist Jess Warren describes the message behind the single,  “A Different Light is about perception – how two people can view the same situation so differently. And stranger still, how one person can feel a myriad of ways about someone or something simultaneously, depending on the time of day, their mood, whether they’ve had their coffee yet, etc. If these variations happen subconsciously, why can’t they happen consciously? Why can’t we choose to feel a certain way about something?”

Frontman John Warren goes on to describe what the album means to him.

“The album Skeletown is about being a 20 something year old and coming to terms with the harsh reality of life. Finding the courage to be who you are, leave your hometown and navigate through twists and turns,all while coming of age in the 21st century.”

The Tin Can Collective was formed in 2010 as a recording project of John Warren.  After the album Armageddon in Retrospect was independently released, John Warren (Joined by Producer Matt Leonenko) started playing shows with a revolving line-up of friends. The live band consisted of a rotating cast, often band members being introduced to each other for the very first time before sets. The performances were chaotic, at times a mess, but always had grounding to them. “They were heartfelt”. Eventually long time contributors, Jess Warren (John’s Sister) and Kenny Russo joined the band full time.

Jess and John began collaborating; the riffs and lyrics started coming together, thus leading to consistent practices. Mike Costa joined the band in October of 2015 and the four began writing a follow up to their self-titled record. The band recorded “Skeletown” on their own (with the exception of Tom Malinowski recording drums) at John and Jess’ parent’s house. The album was originally scheduled to be released in 2016 but after a severe car accident involving John, the band was forced to push back the release/tour.  After John’s injuries subsided, he was able to pick up the guitar again in the summer of 2017. Due to scheduling conflicts and his commitment to his band, “Binary Heart” Mike Costa departed, allowing Brian Kish to join on drums.

Tour Dates
October 7th-Record Release show at Amityville Music Hall with Cutters
October 14th-Willmingtown, DE venue TBA
October 15th-Richmond, VA at Café Astrology
October 17th-Morgantown, WV-at Potion Castle with Permanent Makeup
October 18th-Cincinatti, OH with The Monsantos venue TBA
October 19th-Chicago, Ill at the Underground lounge with Cyngus Loop, and Boys vs Girls
October 20th-Detroit, MI with Cheap Show, Lawn Mower
October 21st-Pittsburgh, PA with One Hundred Year Ocean venue TBA
October 22nd-Philadelphia, PA with Teenage Halloween venue TBA
October 27th-Brooklyn NY, MuchMoore’s with Adir L.C.
October 28th-New Jersey with Ghost Camp venue TBA

Skeletown is out on October 6th 2017

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