Last week, I never thought I’d be taking time out of my busy schedule to sit down and review a Selena Gomez song. But here I am doing it. Why? Because I actually enjoy this track.

Selena dropped a new single called “Bad Liar” on Thursday. The track’s instrumental, produced by Ian Kirkpatrick, prominently samples “Psycho Killer” by the Talking Heads. The famous bass line from that song is pitched down and serves as the backbone to “Bad Liar”’s stripped-down, skeletal beat. Kirkpatrick adds some sleek electronic percussion, a clapping snare, and occasional synth-like backing vocals, but that’s it. The instrumental does more with less.

The minimal beat gives Selena ample opportunity to steal the show, and she surprisingly does a pretty good job. Her melodies are vibrant and colorful, her personality is captivating and dynamic. She is quietly contemplative and moodily sensual at the song’s start, but she subtly grows more animated as the track progresses. Her voice is occasionally embellished with sprinkles of tasteful autotune that only add to the song’s playful character. 

For the most part, the lyrics on “Bad Liar” are enjoyable as well. Selena divulges her inner psyche as she unsuccessfully tries to convince herself that she has moved on from an ex-lover. Some lyrical moments, however, are kinda corny and sloppily written (Tryna play it coy/Tryna make it disappear/But just like the battle of Troy/There’s nothing subtle here)

Overall, however, I think “Bad Liar” is a smash. Definitely the best Selena Gomez song I’ve ever heard. Hopefully she can continue along this path on her upcoming third studio album.

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