Two female MC’s lit the internet ablaze this weekend. One rapper listened as the other tried to lyrically dismantle her on Nas’ “Ether” beat that set the bar for a diss track. Remy Ma’s diss track “Shether” has been very popular this weekend.

The Remy Ma and Nicki Minaj feud is a decade old, but has resurfaced like never before. Before the messages or shots fired were subliminal, but that ended with “Shether”. The diss track is all out disrespectful but direct.

And I saw Meek at All-Star, he told me your ass dropped
He couldn’t fuck you for three months
Because your ass dropped
Now I don’t think y’all understand how bad her ass got
The implants that she had put in her ass popped
I was like, “Damn, 90 days and you couldn’t have box?
Did she at least compensate? Start givin’ you mad top?
Her name Minaj, right? She ain’t throw you some bad thots”
He said “Nah,” that’s when I knew you was really a trash bop”

As the beat goes on so does the lists of shots fired. There hasn’t been any real clarification to which MC started this war but it’s clear that things have gotten out of hand and very personal. Nicki’s next move is very important and could be detrimental to her career.

Both rappers are talented and should reconsider the beef. There’s not enough female MCs as is, why take out the few that we have. Remy Ma’s career has taken off since collaboration with Fat Joe and she has surely become honorable mentioned after “Shether” was released. On the other hand, she didn’t have anything to lose. The publicity is good for her.

Nicki’s part in this rap beef should be weighed heavily. Nicki’s next move is very important and could be detrimental to her career. Nicki has been the dominant female MC for a while now. Should she go about this rap beef the wrong way it could cost her. Fans or maybe even endorsements.

Responding with a diss track of her own could prove that she deserves the crown she has adamantly worn since she’s signed with Lil’ Wayne. If her response isn’t of equal caliber of Remy’s diss track it could cause her that same crown. Her responding could also cost her endorsements.

Hopefully the two will squash it. Wishful thinking!

-Plychette Montgomery


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