Shonda Rhimes pretty much rules ABC on Thursday nights and always has us sitting at the edge of our seats. She produces Greys Anatomy, Scandal, Private Practice, and How To Get Away With Murder. To say she’s talented and full of twists is an understatement. Greys Anatomy out of all her other shows has had the longest run. Greys Anatomy is a strong 12 seasons in, and the fans are beyond anxious on what the next season has in store. This show has such great character development that we are watching no matter the deaths, tears, and drama. The biggest shocker was season 12’s death of Derek Shepherd. All the fans were floored on Rhimes’ decision to do this, but it definitely took us out of our McDreamy cloud nine. Due to Rhimes’ special surprises in the past, she has already gone under the hot seat questioning for season 13. There have been multiple speculations that old cast members will return. Rhimes’ calls this season “Return of the Originals” which is refreshing for fans considering so much has changed. I am an avid watcher of Greys Anatomy circa summer 2014 when I binge watched out of curiosity. I am now a medical surgeon mentally awaiting for my return once I get more medical information via Greys anatomy. The biggest hope is that we see Sandra Oh also known as Christina Yang this season. Her and Meredith’s friendship in the show was so authentically scripted we would love to see it again. Season 13 will premiere on September 22, so please be saying prayers that anatomators (my special word for fans) will remain stable. If you have never watched Greys Anatomy have the IV ready, and tissues.

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