Single Mothers Drop New Tracks “East Van Band Van“ and “Night School” on Dine Alone Records, Available via Bandcamp Today

Single Mothers broke up in 2009 – and have been playing shows ever since.

“Combining scab-peeling punk with speak-shout vocals reminiscent of the Hold Steady, this band of townies from London, Ontario, ruthlessly skewers hypocrites, McSweeney’s snobs, drunk assholes, and God, just to name a few.“ – Pitchfork “Rising”

Through watching his friends go through the coveted ritual of family, marriage, kids and excitement over earning the corner office, Drew suddenly found himself questioning reality. Whether it’s a cyclical fashion trend handed down through generations or a lifestyle achievement, it’s all an illusion. The grass can seem greener. Did we all perish back in 1999’s Y2K? And if we did, would this be heaven or hell? How do we develop the vocabulary to set ourselves free to follow a new path? Thomson muses, “People will paint you the colours convenient to them.”


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