Beauty is overrated! The physical expectations to define the word “BEAUTY” doesn’t settle well with me. We cloud the definition of beauty. What it is and what it should be.

We reference it to a picture, a portrait, a painting, something material, we deny its true acquaintance but look to a mirror. The tell-all reflection of the outer complexion, we count its description thoroughly, despite how we feel beneath, the skin we’re in.

How tragic the inferior beliefs from the mirror, the mirror’s reflection shouldn’t settle you. Your values should enhance you, your kindness should brand you, your honesty is attractive, your size should not matter.

What’s inside, what’s beneath, your mind filled with peace, your counterparts remain discrete, determine your quality. How so do you believe your value, there’s no quantity…on you because you’re priceless, what you are and what you might be.

The soul needs revision, the truth needs admission, admittance to the silence, an epidemic in the rising. Who knew, the mirror speaks, did you?…Did you feel different when you left it, did you? Did you care to accept it, that what you feel because you met it, before then who were you?

Mirror, mirror on the wall, is the mirror of deception. The vision it paints, the image it makes,  determines who’s attractive. Notice the error, imagine the damage, remember the person before you advance it.

What lies skin deep, is genuine, what lies beneath is purity, the light within is clarity and when that shines, that’s BEAUTY!

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