The relevance of social media steadily increases. It serves as a major platform for some, an outlet for many, and a form of communication only for others. Stars are born in some cases and lives are dismantled just the same.

Having a social media presence is important for most people, young people especially. How many videos and pictures are uploaded daily is mind-boggling. There’s a much greater need than before the creation of social media to share one’s life with everyone. Having a social media presence works well when used properly.

Consider someone who has a prominent social media presence and how their life seems perfect when things are going well. Their social media handles are filled with joy and never-ending perfection. Consider that same individual or maybe someone who doesn’t mind causing havoc online from time-to-time that gets a chip on their shoulder and displays their frustration throughout their social handles. Notice the difference or embarrassment?

Notice the difference or embarrassment? Lashing out online, broadcasting most of your life, or exploiting your personal business does more harm than good.

There are certain instances where social media may be beneficial to a person’s job, marketing and advertisement. There are also times in which an employer will search for an applicant’s social media handle to observe that person’s online behavior. My point is as much as social media may benefit you, it has as much power to harm you. This is why it is imperative to be careful when using social media.

Don’t be naive. Perception is everything. Once it’s published on the internet, it’s public. Don’t be fooled by the word, “PRIVATE”! If you don’t want anyone or certain individuals to see it, don’t publish.


-Plychette Montgomery

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