Another week, another woman of color enduring hate and misogynist abuse by society.

The first time I saw Leslie Jones in action was in the 2010 movie Lottery Ticket. I remember watching it and thinking “wow this lady is funny I hope I see her in big Hollywood movies one day.” I’m always rooting for black actresses because despite what Empire, Scandal, and HTGAWM might make you think, it is extremely hard for black women to make it in Hollywood, especially dark skinned black women.

This leads me to the current situation with Leslie Jones. Leslie Jones had her first big box office debut in the 2016 reprise of the Ghostbusters franchise. This time the movie featured an all female cast with Leslie being the only black main character. Can I first say how proud I was to hear she was going to be in a big movie? Just like with Zendaya playing Mary Jane in Spiderman, I am here for all black woman prospering in Hollywood and breaking color barriers. Anyways, the backlash Leslie Jones endured because of this movie was something I did not see coming. First and foremost, the all female cast in Ghostbusters was a problem for the misogynistic views of men in the society we live in today.  Women cant just take over a movie like that! Who the fuck do they think they are? Not only is it an all female cast but with a black women playing a major roll?? A black women with black features?? A black woman without a pointy nose? It was too much for some to swallow and Twitter became a place where trolls thrived as they spewed racist, hateful, degrading comments towards Leslie Jones after the movie was released in theatres.  One user tweeted, “I hate liars, there is no way to justify calling her beautiful. She’s extremely ugly.”  This was just one tweet out of thousands. This tweet was the only one I could stomach quoting because they were just that bad. Its so sad that Eurocentric ideals of beauty applies to all races. What makes Leslie Jones not beautiful? Her dark skin? Or is It her wide nose? No, maybe its her hair?  No matter how rich and famous one may be, words still hurt. Leslie later tweeted, ” I leave Twitter tonight with tears and a very sad heart. All this cause I did a movie. You can hate the movie but the shit I got today, wrong.” When I saw that tweet I just wanted to hop through my phone and square up with everyone talking shit, and of course to give her a big hug. If you don’t think Leslie Jones is attractive that’s OK! But to degrade and dehumanize another human being based on their looks is a disgusting thing to do. How many white stars have starred in terrible movies? A lot. How many were degraded physically and emotionally because of their roles? Not many.

The latest attacks against Leslie Jones happened on Wednesday August 24th when her personal information was released online. Driver’s license, passport, and private photos of the star were posted on the world wide web for everyone to see.  My only question is why!! Why does she have to be a target of such ridicule? Why did she have to be dehumanized for the world to see? Why cant we love and accept each other? OK the love and accept part was a reach but we can at least respect one another as members of the human race. Fortunately, the FBI is now investigating the hackers and hopefully they are caught. Leslie Jones is a talented funny actress and I know she will come out on top in the end. I look forward to seeing her and other black actresses prosper in Hollywood.

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