Where finessing meets hard work is where you’ll find Nessly. For a couple years now Nessly has been a part of the Atlanta underground music scene, but 2016 has been his year. He’s gotten multiple plays on OVO Sound Radio, dropped videos for “Season” featuring Lil Yacthy, “Thirsty Hoe,” ” Crying In Codeine,” and “Giddy Up!”, and his prior EP Still Finessin is reaching prime SoundCloud plays. Earlier this month he released his second EP Solo Boy Band. Unlike his last project he goes featureless on this one. Production comes from himself; Take a Daytrip, Outtatown, 16yrold, CashMoneyAp, Ryan Jacob, EMW, Wondagurl, and Mathaius Young.


Lil Boat & Nessly 24k

Nessly has become adept at the use auto-tune and you can hear it on the standout track “Catch a Vibe.” This song is perfect from start to finish and certainly my favorite song off of the project. Produced by 16yrold and Outtatown, Nessly sings melodically using his auto-tune masterfully as usual. If you want to set the mood and send a message to your girl then play this when you pick her up. The first few lines of the hook say, “Just hop inside, catch a vibe/ When I want you, I be quick with my replies/ Baby, don’t lie, you been waitin’ all your life/ I can’t say I want a wife, but come on, give this a try.” You never know what will happen after she hears that hook.

Following one feel-good track is another. “Lsdskitrip,” gives off late night, adventurous psychedelic vibes. Honestly the entire EP sounds like a soundtrack for a cutting edge, unorthodox indie film on Sundance (which is not a shot, I love indie films.) I personally have never been skiing or on LSD but I imagine doing them simultaneously would feel like how this song makes me feel.

Nessly is truly in his own lane although some may say he’s in the lane of Travi$ Scott or Nav but all they hear is the auto-tune. Nessly is more versatile and you can hear it on this project. The last song “We Lost Faith,” explores the woes that have plagued the black American community in recent years. Although the song is short with only one verse, that one verse speaks volumes.

“I’m tryna tell you how it all got started ’cause of Reagan/ You walk out and the cops tryna shoot you like Cary Fagan/ Call 9-1-1 to get popped, that shit sound so scary, ain’t it?/ Could you see blood coming from a rose if it’s red?/ If you could you could tell I’m already dead, yeah ”

A lot of people complain about how a lot of musicians don’t speak on social issues but only acknowledge the commercial hits and iTunes singles. Freelancer is going to give Nessly the praise he deserves for this song and this EP by giving it a 9/10.

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