This week the scene pretty much imploded – and not for the reason most think. While many were focused on the squad battle between that of Kimye and Taylor Swift, another bomb landed in the laps of music lovers alike. A bomb, so drenched in secrecy, that it blew many people’s minds.

For many, the band My Chemical Romance was a staple of the mid-200’s, with their music shaping both the Rock and pop music scenes alike in its duality. They developed a cult like following, and gained the love of different music fans alike. Thus their break up, in 2013, broke the hearts of many, but not to the point where people lost hope.  On Wednesday, on the bands various social media accounts, a cryptic video was released which sent the music scene into a frenzy. The video included a which flag waving in the wind with a specific cross like symbol on it, which has been made the bands social media accounts profile picture, as well as overheard in the video is the opening piano music to one of their most beloved songs “Welcome to the Black Parade”. At the end of the video all that is left on the screen is the date 9/23/16. Such a simple video, yet so many questions it leaves behind, and believe me, all such questions were asked.

After the video was released fans went wild. What did it mean? A reunion perhaps? A new album? A tour? People’s heads were spinning with all of the possibilities that this video held, and subsequently they demanded hours. It was such an intense reaction that the band was soon trending on twitter due to the amount of chatter they had stirred up. Chatter which obviously caught the bands attention – especially when it got to the point where the traffic it created actually crashed the online website for a popular rock music news magazine in the UK called Kerrang Magazine. So, the following day, the band responded to the intense reaction of their fans by giving some clarity to the very cryptic situation.

In the bands official response, which can be seen on their social media accounts, they explained that at this point there were no plans for anything new. Which means that there would be no new album, no new tour, and definitely no reunion. Instead, what the plan is, and what the date symbolizes, all relates back to the opening piano music. This all goes back to “Welcome to the Black Parade”, the name of a classic song, and a hit album of theirs, which on that date 9/23/16, will be turning ten years old. So, as the band explained, they are going to releasing a tenth anniversary edition of the album for fans. Now, though this may not be what fans were hoping for, it is better than nothing. For fans, this is just another reason to keep on hoping that My Chemical Romance will live to rock out another day. It proves that the band, though not together, is still very conscious of their past and the fan base that they still maintain. Likewise it shows that they are not completely checked out of the band either. Though bands members like lead singer Gerard Way and others have gone on to do other things, this proves that they are never completely leaving their My Chemical Romance behind them.

In the end, though it is not the big reunion that many were hoping for, fans will still have something to look forward to when September rolls around. From radio silent to anniversary driven, My Chemical Romance are showing their fans that they are still kicking, and that they shouldn’t give up on them just yet. Plus, if the music landscape of 2016 has taught us anything so far, it is to expect the unexpected. So as September rolls around, for all those MCR fans out there, anything can happen, and one can only hope that something extraordinary does.


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