It’s indeed a new age of rap being brought into the world from the mainstream to the underground and with all this “new age” music being force fed to our ears at such a rapid pace we never get the chance to properly dissect it. So with all that being said I’ve decided to give a review on a new and still buzzing song by a rapper out of Minnesota called Jay Cipher and his rising hit titled “Lost in the Sauce”.

The production of the song alone reminds me of a street fighter or sonic the hedge hog arcade game which gives off a vintage and almost nerdy vibe. This is considered to be cool these days with everything from the 80’s including it’s fashion to be on a complete revamp, and with that being said this beat can be it’s intro into the “new age” of life along with rap.

From a lyrical perspective the song isn’t on a Kendrick Lamar or J Cole level obviously but Jay Cipher’s vibe on the beat does match the tempo and overall energy of the track. Basically, everything correlates perfectly to make this a good listen no matter if your a pro lyrics type of listener or if you just like to turn up to dope tracks with hard beats. There’s a median between these two types of music consumers and it’s safe to say that this song fits perfectly within it.

     I even got the chance to talk to Jay Cipher regarding the song via twitter and decided to ask him about the creative energy that went into the song “Lost in the Sauce” and how this energy came about. “The song is basically just me being myself and doing what I can do on my own in regards to owning my craft and not letting what others say effect me creatively” stated Jay.

     Jay also confessed that he’s been rapping for just about 8 years now and to me it seems like he’s finally found his true sound that can separate him from the likes of other rap artist. You can follow his Soundcloud account for more music and his Twitter as well @iamjaycipher. It’s been a long time coming for the 23 year old rapper out of Minnesota but like he stated in the song “It’s all about the timing and how you f***ing do it”.



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