Sonny Valentine is no new face to Freelancer Magazine. Previously, we featured the Los Angeles resident on his online publication, theboardvalley, a platform with discussion on topics such as fashion, music, and visual arts.

Today, we feature Sonny Valentine with his latest single, retry21*. Produced by Tash, this trap-infused beat blended with Valentine’s catchy lyricism, makes this single the perfect summer jam for any occasion. (*Listen to retry21* with these GIFs, and I swear they match*)

retry21* comes as a follow up single to one of Valentine’s other releases, which was dropped in the same month. Slash is a Cobis produced single with a catchy, head-nodding beat similar to that of ATL rapper, Father. With over 1K views, this single, as well as retry21* are underrated and deserve far more recognition than they currently receive.






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