Southside With You is a film documenting Michelle and Barack Obama’s first date. Their first date was both heart warming and foreshadowing in what the future held. The roles are played by Tika Sumpter as Michelle Obama and Jack Ryan as Barack Obama. Barack and Michelle have both utilized social media more than other president’s and their wives in the past. Since they have used social media, we’ve seen them address harsh topics, but also see the beauty in their partnership. The Obama’s have not only governed our country, but have shown love for one another as they did  it together. Significantly, what we’ve experienced with Barack and Michelle during this presidency  is knowing them both individually. Knowing of their  individual accomplishments before Barack’s presidency, we can’t help but to celebrate them. Michelle Obama is the first president’s wife to graduate from an Ivy League University. On their first date, they went to the Art Institute of Chicago to view Spike Lee’s Do The Right Thing and shared their first kiss outside of an ice cream parlor. These series of events make their first date to be a joy to watch. Tika Sumpter speaks with Vulture on her role as Michelle Obama being a lot of pressure considering she is one of role models. She made sure to submerge herself in all of Michelle’s interests by reading books and poetry to prepare. Before it hit theaters, it premiered at Sundance Film Festival, but the general date is August, 26, 2016. It is certainly a must see and a cute reminder that we are always making memories and hope to achieve them with someone along the way. A look at the trailer is below:


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