Who is Spencer Ludwig? If you’ve listened to bands like Capital Cities, Foster the People, Portugal. The Man, or the Fitz and the Tantrums, you’ve probably heard him even if you didn’t know. Ludwig is a twenty-four year-old trumpet player and vocalist who studies jazz at the California Institute of the Arts. Ludwig has worked with Capital Cities, playing the trumpet for their album Tidal Wave of Mystery and touring with them from 2012 to 2015. During that time, Ludwig focused on Trumpet rather than vocals. Ludwig performed playing trumpet for bands such as Foster the People and Portugal. The Man, but he has only recently made a step toward a solo career.

Ludwig has released several trumpet mix covers of popular songs in the past, and has now signed with Warner Bros. Records Inc. for his solo album. So far, Ludwig has released four singles, each of which differ a little in theme and sound.

“Diggy” was the first single I heard by Spencer Ludwig, and the trumpet does not disappoint. In all honesty, I never even thought trumpet was an instrument I enjoyed until listening to Tidal Wave of Mystery by Capital Cities. “Diggy” has a catchy pop sound with a nice beat. “Diggy” has the same feel as “Right into U” because it has that classic pop sound. The third single, “Midnight Special” is , in my opinion, a real step up in sound and maturity and starts with a strong hook. My favorite of the four singles is “Good Time People,” and it encompasses a lot of the qualities that are prominent in the sound of Capital Cities. I am excited to see where Ludwig takes his solo career, and I can’t wait for a full album. 

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