Denim trends such as a-line skirts, flared pants, and shoes have become increasingly popular within the past few months. Embroidery is a new twist that has been incorporated with these styles as well as other denim staples such as jeans and denim jackets. This trend is one that has gone full circle, as the look has been popular in past years. The most common design to be embroidered on the denim are florals, which makes sense considering it is the spring/summer season. Your favorite retailers made sure to have this trend in their stores for the fashionistas that are on top of every trending style. This trend is likely to be influenced by higher end brands and designers using the idea first. Gucci is one big name to have incorporated embroidered denim into their products such as this jacket.

H&M sells this light wash denim jacket with white and purple floral embroidery that also has a matching skirt. This jacket and skirt are sold as part of the store’s Coachella collection. Embroidered denim can be paired with other denim, or it can be paired with basics like a white tee or black bottoms.



The UK retailer Ego is the best place for all your shoe needs. The brand has a wide variety of shoes that are either denim, embroidered, or both like this style that is named “Loretta”. Denim accessories pair really well with other denim accessories with the same wash like a denim choker or hat. Matching denim accessories can easily make any outfit look chic.

Fashion Nova is another popular retailer where you can go for your embroidered denim needs. They have a wide variety of denim clothes with an embroidered design, such as these shorts. Shorts like these would be a great accent piece in any summer outfit. They would make the perfect outfit for any summer night activities like going to the beach. The light wash and floral design give these shorts total summer vibes. Don’t wait until the last second to get in on this trend so you are sure to be ready for summer fashion



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