#StrandedBae is the latest crazy Twitter thread to take the internet by storm.

Twitter is the most entertaining app ever created. Actually, Black Twitter is what makes Twitter entertaining. Without Black people on Twitter, it would not be Twitter. Within one week, Twitter went from #WeMetOnTwitter to #HurtBae and now finally, #StrandedBae.
@__IamqueenK started her thread off by stating how the couple met and romanticized one another for months. The guy,@KashMoneyKanee, decided to fly her out for Valentine’s day. The two link up and have a good time but when its time for her to leave, shit gets crazy. When he dropped her at the aiport, she tells him that she missed her flight and he said that he would come get her after he left work. Hours go by and #strandedbae is still at the airport stuck. So, she started to hit up his close friends who say they have no idea where he is. Hours later, 4am rolls by (why is she still at the airport?) and she gets on Snapchat and sees him partying with the same friends that didn’t know where he was. This part had me dead. She gets in the cab, clearly infuriated and turns up at his door, “ready to beat ass”. Long story short nobody answered the door and he called the police and told them he didn’t want her back in his house. Then #strandedbae saw him on Snapchat posing with another woman. Now according to him, @KashMoneyKanee she was a scammer out to get him. When she got to his city everything was fine until she told him about how she was about to get evicted back in her home city. He thought that she flew out with the intention of forcing her living situation on him. Granted, he felt used and scammed. He claimed that she missed all of the flights back home on purpose. I’d like to point out that his story started off similar to hers. Cute serenades, FaceTiming, you know the honey moon stage shit. 

This was a bitter ass fight that just so happened to come out on twitter. Now the #StrandedBae hashtag is all over twitter with different stories from multiple men claiming to have been in the same situation. While I’m not sure how true those stories are, all of it is pretty comical. If I was her I would’ve been on the next flight out of there after I missed the first one.. Who even needs Netflix these days? All in all this just goes to show that social media is never the place to broadcast a relationship, but fuck it, it’s entertaining for the rest of us. What story do you think will take over Twitter next?

Only Black Twitter Time will tell… What are your thoughts on #strandedbae?
Read the full exchange here.

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