Budding out of Staten Island, New York, TheMostStrange is no new artist to the music scene. Previously known as KidsWithSoul, Strange is rapidly rising in music industry with his sultry vocals, impeccable rhymes, and effortlessly clean production.

In his latest single, Moon & Sun, Strange sings an ode to his “girl” and how much he would like to have her in his life.

“I love you like the moon, I need you like the sun” 

The moon is bright, effervescent, and full of life  while the sun is a basic need for us to survive, retaining all the life and nutrients it has to offer. Thus, the metaphor that Strange presents to us. He loves this girl as much as anyone would love the beauty of the moon, but he also needs her like we need the sun.

Throughout this vibey, R&B track, Strange speaks on loving the girl’s flaws, bringing her on tour with him, “making her his damn baby,” and all things that a young man would love to do for his girl while they’re together.

“You think you have flaws but I love you always…you could come on tour with me, explore me, last night I saw you fall in love with me…” 

It’s pretty clear that Strange would be the perfect gentleman to the right girl as he lays out, in his smooth flow, his dream plans for the perfect soulmate.

Check out TheMostStrange’s latest single, Moon&Sun BELOW (Try NOT to fall in love by the end of the song)

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